Palestra Franklin Field

Watercolor… the Palestra, on the West Philadelphia campus of the University of Pennsylvania, was designed by architect Charles Klauder and opened in 1927 to became the home of Penn & Ivy League Basketball. It is one of the first steel and concrete sports arenas built in the United States, with no interior structural columns blocking any view. The Palestra became the Philadelphia venue for the “Big Five” and has hosted more NCAA tournaments than any other U.S. sports arena.

… iconic Franklin Field was first built in 1895. A second version was designed by architects Frank Miles Day & Brother and constructed in 1905 and the present facility on the same site, was designed by the architectural firm of Day & Klauder and completed in 1922. Franklin Field is the oldest football stadium in continuous use in the United States and also home, since April of 1895, to the internationally contested, Penn Relays… the largest track-and-field, athletic competition in the Country.

… Game on !!! … Of course there is a story behind the commission of this painting… of which I am not at liberty to disclose. But I will say, that it drove the composition and representation of the particular figures illustrated.

Size of Painting: 13" x 24"... a giclee print is 6-1/2x12" on 11x14" wc paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: