Port Boca Grande Rear – FL

Watercolor… Florida’s Boca Grande Entrance Rear Range Lighthouse, or Gasparilla Island Light, is a 58 foot tall, steel skeleton tower erected on this site in 1927. The structure was originally built in 1881 by the Phoenix Iron Company, of Trenton, New Jersey, as the Delaware Breakwater Rear Range Light in Lewes, Delaware. As the Delaware shoreline changed, the light became irrelevant and was deactivated and removed in 1921. The tower was disassembled and sent to Gasparilla Island in 1927 to replace the original Gasparilla Island Light Station, which was both low on the horizon and deteriorating badly. The skeleton tower was reassembled on site, painted white and finally lit in 1932.

Size of Painting: 9" x 12" ... a giclee print is 9x12" on 11x14" paper.

A Giclee Print Is Available Of This Painting: