The Pursuit Pedal Plane Project

On the occasion of my 2nd birthday, I was presented with this Pursuit Pedal Airplane (1) by my Grandfather. It was the most amazing and wonderful thing I’d ever seen. I soared… visiting exotic lands, embarking on grand adventures. Over the years, in this craft, my brothers and sister expanded horizons and won their wings as well. Then, one day, I realized it was gone. I don’t remember when that was, or how old I was… it was just gone… long gone… the victim of too many crashes and the neglect of children who have out grown it. The old Pursuit Plane was resurrected only in fond memories… proud and gleaming in the sun light.

In the summer of 2000, while strolling through tables and tents of memorabilia collectors, during the WWII Memorial Weekend presented by the Mid Atlantic Aviation Museum at Reading Airport, I came upon it. Nestled between old combat boots and jerry cans, rested the old Pursuit Pedal Plane. I was ecstatic. But, something was wrong… it looked the same, it was made of steel… but, this pedal plane was brand new ! The dealer didn’t know anything about it, nor where it came from… I was hooked. I would find the manufacturer and I would get this plane and I would build it just like the one I had and I would give it to my Grandson on his 2nd birthday. I eventually found Attic Treasures on the web & received the plane in kit form, on November 22. The following pictures chronicle this project. I gave the Pursuit Pedal Airplane to Christopher James Mann, my Grandson, on December 25, 2000. His second birthday would be the following month… but… I couldn’t wait.

On to preparation and paint…