Whopper the Chopper Epilog

Pencil… off into the sunset. This epilog page was deleted from the Whopper the Chopper book, ostensibly to leave, what has been described as a series continuation. I have yet to understand this decision. I think of this as the start of future adventures. Here is the epilog… you decide.

“Another long day, another amazing sky, full of changing colors, soft hues, and a hint of many wonders,
and more adventures yet to come.
Now, with the magnificent sun steadily going down, at last, they were flying each other home.
Together. In an easy, steady formation.
“Dusty”, asked Whopper, quietly.
“Uh-huh”, answered Dusty Lady, dreamily.
“Can I tell you something?”
Whopper sighed, deeply. “I just love flying with Moggy, and you.”
Dusty sighed back. “Me too, Whopper. It’s wonderful being up here. Such a privilege.
The world, somehow, even for a moment, at peace. And you make me laugh, Whopper.
You’re great company. You’re such a… such a….”
She thought for a moment. “Such a lovable clown…”
There was a pause. Whopper digested the label.
“Well”, he mused at last. “I’ve been called worse.
One cheeky blighter once called me an anti-social, noisy old fling-wing.”
They both burst out laughing.
“Pfffft!”, said Whopper, at last, still with a giggle in his voice. “I could be sensitive – but I’m not.
Water off a duck’s back.”
Dusty was back to musing again.
“Whopper”, she said, softly. “What is it about our mammoth, eternal, ever-changing sky that we all quietly love so much?”
“Um”, said Whopper. He pondered the question thoughtfully. “I think it makes us feel loved.
In a strange way. That we are not all alone. That a Great Cosmic Kindness surrounds us, and lifts us up. Gently.
And follows our tiny thoughts and works.”
There was a long silence, broken only by the steady, comforting beat of rotor blades,
the smooth hum of a turbine, the melody of cylinders firing in sequence,
and the distant, homing call, of other birds, free, gathering for the night.
“Happy trails, Whopper”, sighed Dusty.
“Blue Skies, Dusty Lady”, replied Whopper, softly.
“I hope many more with you”, they then said, as in one thought, together.
And on they flew, ever on, at last, accompanying one another, going home..”

©  copyright 2020: Francis Meyrick

Size of Painting: 8" x 10"