Pen & Ink Illustration & Art

James Mann Art Farm. Gallery of pen & ink drawings. Click an image below for a larger view of the original art.

Liberty Bell Series 800

Liberty Bell Series 800 Trolley. Lehigh Valley Transit. Quakertown National Bank. Agency. MediaDynamics. Pen & Ink… illustrated near Zion Hill, headed toward Brick Tavern… the Lehigh Valley Traction Company’s Series 800 cars were purchased from the Jewett Car Company of Newark, Ohio, in 1912. They often ran as tandems of two or three cars and… Read more »

Liberty Bell Series 1000 Trolley

Pen & Ink… the 1000 Series Trolley was built by the Cincinnati Car Company in the 1930’s and served on the Cincinnati and Lake Erie railroad system,before the purchase of 43 of this type by the Lehigh Valley Transit Company in 1938. These Liberty Bell Trolleys remained in service until the LVTCceased operations on September… Read more »

Quakertown Trolley Barn

Pen & Ink… illustrating the Quakertown Traction Company (QTC), East Broad Street Powerhouse & Trolley Barn, built 1897. This short line rail system ran down the center of Broad Street terminating westbound at Main Street. A bridge crossing over the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad right-of-way, between N. 3rd Street and Belmont Avenue, connected the East… Read more »

Inland Traction Company

Pen & Ink… the Inland Traction Company was chartered in 1898 in Soudertown, Pennsylvania… to establish trolley service between Perkasie and Lansdale. The Inland was supported by the Lehigh Valley Traction Company as a direct competitor to the fledgling Quakertown Traction Company. After the Quakertown Traction Company folded, the Inland was then fully absorbed by… Read more »

Tumacacori Mission

Pen & Ink… Tumacacori Mission in Arizona… circa 1820. This black & white drawing is intended for use in certain National Park Service publications, when color is not necessary or appropriate.

Delaware Palisades – Lock 20

Pen & ink… a majestic, 200 million year old Triassic shale rock formation, rising 5 hundred feet above lock number 20, on the Delaware Canal.

Delaware Canal – Laying Up

Laying Up. Quakertown National Bank. Agency. MediaDynamics. Pen & Ink… around the end of October or November, boatmen along the Delaware Canal began to prepare for winter. The canal boats would be tied off in the center of the canal, the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company released the canal’s water and the boat would settle… Read more »

Quakertown Memorial Park

Pen & Ink… Quakertown Memorial Park Stadium. This stadium’s wooden grandstand was built in 1939. Lights were added in 1985 and five leagues play baseball here…

Dublin Carnival

Pen & ink… villages, small towns, local governments, churches and all manner of civic organizations, up and down the east coast of the United States, have a long history of providing amusing diversions to the local citizenry, while raising money earmarked to meeting their annual budgets. Contracting with traveling carnival and circus shows, to set… Read more »

Autocar 750 GPM Pumper

Pen & Ink… this Autocar Fire Truck was purchased as new equipment by the Perkasie Fire Company No. 1, in 1939. It is presently retired, immaculately kept and displayed in parades

Bean High Pressure Fogger

Pen & Ink… built on a 1946 International chassis, this was the first fire truck purchased by Milford Township Fire Company, No. 1… this unit was destroyed in 1980, when an airplane tragically crashed into the firehouse.

Reading Railroad T-1

Pen & Ink… the Reading T-1 #2124 is one of thirty, Baldwin I-10a 2-8-0 “Consolidation” locomotives, re-built and converted to a 4-8-4 “Northern”by the Reading Company at Reading’s own shops in Reading, Pennsylvania between 1945 and 1947. Reading T-1 #2124 is illustrated pulling north out of the Perkasie Tunnel on the Lansdale – Bethlehem line…. Read more »


Pen & Ink… 902 and sister 903, two of six GM EMD FP7 diesel electric locomotives built for the Reading Company, entered service in June of 1950. Numbers 906 and 907 were acquired in 1952. Reading 903, is illustrated at the head of a northbound passenger train, crossing Pumping Station Road above Quakertown on the… Read more »

Fordson Tractor

Pen & Ink… this particular 1920 Fordson Tractor (series run 1917-38, Henry Ford & Sons, Inc.) is owned by Keller Machinery, Richlandtown, Pennsylvania & they are still open for business.

Allis-Chalmers Tractor

Pen & Ink… this 1937, Allis-Chalmers WC (series run 1935-40, Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Co.) was owned by C. J. Wonsidler Bros., Trumbauersville. Allis-Chalmers became Deutsch-Allis for a while… the original line was then re-purchased by the Allis-Gleaner Corporation and sold as Agco-Allis. I think the brand is now known simply as AGCO.

Rumely Oil Pull Tractor

Pen & Ink… a kerosene fueled, heavy duty, farm tractor developed by the Advance-Rumely Company of Laporte, Indiana from 1910 to 1930. This one is part of a collection tucked away outside of Quakertown.

Foulke Homestead

Pen & Ink… Hugh Foulke erected the small, original log portion of his home around 1731. Hugh Foulke was a Welsh Quaker who came to America shortly after William Penn established his Colony in Pennsylvania. Foulke had already lived in Penn’s Colony for about 40 years previously, before acquiring and moving to this 220-acre property… Read more »

Durner Organ Works

Pen & Ink… five generations of the Durner family built, world renowned church and parlor organs and pianos, before locating the Charles F. Durner Organ Factory to the southwest corner of Front and Juniper Streets in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, around 1860. A Durner pipe organ won the highest honor at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia…. Read more »