Railroad Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm… railroad art… a collection of watercolor paintings… locomotives, trains & railroad giclee prints for sale.
“Spencer Series” are illustrations developed from pencil drawings & research on site: “Streamliners at Spencer” event: May 2014.
“Bella Terra Series” are illustrations created for the “Rail U.S.A. Museums & Trips” map series: East, Central & West editions.

SEPTA Wayne Junction

Watercolor… ACS-64 engines run on 12 kV 25 Hz power with a maximum power of 6,400 kilowatts (8,600 hp). Head End Power is 1,300 hp 3 phase, 60 Hz, 480 VAC 100 kVA. The Siemens ACS-64, electric locomotive began to appear on Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) rail in mid 2017 to late 2018. SEPTA… Read more »

Boston & Maine at Conway

Watercolor… I visited the Conway Scenic Railroad (CSRX) in in New Hampshire, in 2015. We rode the “Valley” dining train behind GP7 #573, because the “Notch” was not running on that day. The “Crawford Notch ” run is called the “Mountaineer” now. We spent most of a day here and I had plenty of time… Read more »

AMTRAK Acela Express: 2018

Watercolor… the 6,169 horsepower Bombardier GEC Alstom Acela Express… electric powered locomotive, is a derivative of the consortium’s HHP-8 locomotive. The Acela Express, a 6 coach, push-pull trainset, entered revenue service with AMTRAK (AMTK) on the Northeast Corridor in December of 2000, with coaches designed to tilt 4 degrees toward the inside of curves, improving… Read more »

NS ALCO RPU6: 862 Hump

Watercolor… Every Day is Hump Day… The Allentown, Pennsylvania classification yard. NS RPU6 #862 is the 2006, 2nd rebuild of an ALCO RSD-12, originally purchased by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1958 as PRR #8659. It went through Penn Central (PC) and CONRAIL (CR) where it was chopped and converted into a MT-6 “Slug”, before being… Read more »

NS EMD SD70ACe: 1026

Watercolor…  Grade Crossing 588 605M, Milepost HP 34.5 West Main 1, Linfield, Pennsylvania. The EMD SD70 was introduced in 1992 and new and improved variants continued to roll out as of 2016. Norfolk Southern’s (NS) first SD70 was delivered in 1993, with the original narrow front hood of the previous generation 60 Series, before the… Read more »

NS GE D40-9CW: 9292

Watercolor… Milepost HP 34.5 West Main 1… through Linfield, Pennsylvania. The Dash 9-40CW is a 4,000 hp diesel electric locomotive, built by General Electric, exclusively for the Norfolk Southern Railway between 1996 and September 2004. In late 2013, Norfolk Southern started to upgrade their C40-9Ws into C44-9Ws by increasing the wattage from 3,000 to 3,281… Read more »

Allegheny Portage Railroad

Watercolor… Norris Locomotive at the Staple Bend Tunnel, Mineral Point, Pennsylvania. Completed in 1833, the 901 foot long, Staple Bend Tunnel is the first railroad tunnel built in the United States. (Two earlier, smaller tunnels… the Auburn (1821) and the Union (1828), were bored to carry boat traffic on canals located further east within the… Read more »

LVR Snowbirds at R Tower

Watercolor… Snowbirds at R Tower Allentown. The ALCO Century Series C628 locomotive was produced from 1963 until 1968 and the Lehigh Valley Railroad had seventeen of these 16-cylinder, 2,750 horsepower, C628 locomotives, numbered 625 through 641. The white ones were nicknamed “Snowbirds”… illustrated here, rolling through the Allentown, Pennsylvania Yard at R Tower (MP 88.2)……. Read more »

LVR ALCO C420: 414 Sayre

Watercolor… first established by the Lehigh Valley Railroad (LVR) in 1876, the LVR’s Sayre Rail Yard grew and eventually stretched over 2 miles from the company town of Sayre, north across the state border into Waverly, New York. Both the yard and the town of Sayre, were named after Robert H. Sayre, vice president and… Read more »

LVR Caboose: 95011

Watercolor… Route of the Black Diamond. The Lehigh Valley Railroad (LV) #95011, type M930 NE, is a steel caboose built by the LV in its shops at Sayer, Pennsylvania. It was one of the group: Phase 1, Lot 4, numbered 95001 to 95014 and turned out between May 10 and August 23 of 1941. It… Read more »

LVR ALCO’s at Jim Thorpe

Watercolor… The ALCO RS diesel electric Road Switcher, is a workhorse, locomotive produced in variants beginning with the RS1 of 1941 through the RS36, ending in 1963… available as either a 4 axle or 6 axle. I have no idea how many of these the Lehigh Valley had… nor how many different paint schemes they… Read more »

RDG Crusader: 117

Watercolor… departing the Reading Terminal Train Shed in Philadelphia… destination Jersey City (New York City), the Reading Railroad (RDG) “Crusader” was the road’s foremost express passenger service… inaugurated at the end of 1937 and running into the early 1950’s. The Reading’s two stainless steel, Crusader steam locomotives, #117 & #118… began life as a 4-6-2… Read more »

RDG T-1: 2124 Perkasie

Watercolor…  Exiting the Perkasie Tunnel, South Portal. The Sellersville Tunnel under Landis Ridge, as it was called, since the borough of Perkasie did not yet exist when the rail passage was bored through… was built by the North Pennsylvania Railroad in the years 1853 through 1857. The North Pennsylvania was acquired by the Philadelphia &… Read more »

RDG Budd RDC-1 Sellersville

Watercolor… dashing through the snow… last run… north to Bethlehem out of Reading Terminal in Philadelphia… approaching Sellersville over the 7 arch viaduct built in 1917 to span the East Branch feeder and adjacent floodplain to the Perkiomen Creek. I rode these Reading (RDG) commuter cars back and forth until passenger service north of Lansdale… Read more »

RDG GE U30C: 6300

Watercolor… They’re called U-Boats… and the Reading Railroad (RDG) purchased five of these General Electric Universal Series U30C locomotives… numbered 6300 through 6304… through the summer and fall of 1967. These particular 3,000-horsepower, six-axle units were so new at the time, that they were built using the older U28C bodies. The Reading U-Boats were first… Read more »

RDG EMD SD45: 7604

Watercolor… Bee Line Service straight through Black Rock Tunnel. The SD45 was built by General Motors, Electro Motive Division (EMD) between 1965 and 1971, harboring a malicious V20 diesel engine, producing 3,600 hp (2,680 kW) on EMD’s original SD38 frame… until retrofitted with a revised engine block in 1967 and subsequent introductions of the SDP45,… Read more »

RDG ALCO C630: 5308

Watercolor… Reading Railroad (RDG) Bee Line Service rolls through Green Lane and it’s small freight siding. This combination passenger and freight station building was erected by the Perkiomen Railroad around 1872. The Perkiomen Line eventually extended between Emmaus and Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The line was acquired by the Reading as the Perkiomen-Reading Railroad in 1945 and… Read more »

RDG FP7 Perkasie Station

Watercolor… Reading Railroad EMD FP7 #902… stopped southbound at the Perkasie Train Station. My uncle, Woodrow Wilson Benner held the Railroad Express Agency contract in Perkasie and the contract to carry mail between the Post Office and the train station, from about 1938, until 1958.Through the early to mid 40’s, this work was considered essential… Read more »

RDG Open Hopper Railcar

Watercolor… a Reading Railroad (RDG) open hopper railcar at Rockhill Quarry, East Rockhill Township, Pennsylvania. The old water tower still stands

RDG Lebanon Valley Cutoff

Watercolor… GP7 #621 and #622. The Reading Railroad (RDG), Lebanon Valley Cutoff was built to allow through trains to bypass the congestion of the Reading’s shops and yard, located in the City of Reading, Pennsylvania. On lead… RDG #621… a 1,500 hp, V16 diesel electric locomotive, GP7… built by General Motors EMD for the Reading… Read more »