Railroad Art & Illustration

James Mann Art Farm… railroad art… a collection of watercolor paintings… locomotives, trains & railroad giclee prints for sale.
“Spencer Series” are illustrations developed from pencil drawings & research on site: “Streamliners at Spencer” event: May 2014.
“Bella Terra Series” are illustrations created for the “Rail U.S.A. Museums & Trips” map series: East, Central & West editions.

Rockville Marysville Bridge

Watercolor…. Rockville Bridge… Marysville Bridge… it really depends in which of the two abutment towns along the Susquehanna River you’re standing or living in. Rockville Bridge, the first, was a single-track, Howe type wooden truss, built at the Dauphin Narrows of the Susquehanna River by the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) in 1849. The Northern Central Railway… Read more »

Rockville Marysville Bridge #2

Watercolor… … my plein air watercolor sketch of the north side of the Rockville Marysville Bridge, painted in the morning of July 20, 2016… viewed from somewhat south of Fort Hunter. This is actually painted earlier on the same day, than the one viewed from the Southeast side of the bridge…

NS Portageville Viaduct

Watercolor… Portageville Viaduct & Iron Bridge at Mile Post SR 361.66 . The Norfolk Southern Railroad’s (NS) Portageville Viaduct, AKA the Letchworth High Bridge, is 820 feet long and 240 feet above the Genesee River in New York… located slightly above the upper falls in Letchworth State Park, New York. The first rail bridge at… Read more »

Cuyahoga Valley High Bridge

Watercolor… The original roadbed & track along side the Cuyahoga River in Ohio, was laid by the Valley Railroad in 1880. The Valley Railroad was bought by the Cleveland Terminal & Valley Railroad in 1894 and then by the The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (B&O) in 1915. The Chessie System (Chesapeake & Ohio Railway (C&O))… Read more »

Bass Point Creek High Bridge

Watercolor… The Bass Point Creek High Bridge is 156 feet high and 754 feet long. It is a deck girder steel bridge built by the Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern Railway in 1913. It is located in Boone County, Iowa and is currently a part of the excursion route of the Boone & Scenic… Read more »

Erie Railroad Starrucca

Watercolor… the New York and Erie Railroad (ERIE) built the Starrucca Viaduct, spanning the Starrucca Creek and Valley at Lanesboro, Pennsylvania. Designed by civil engineers Julius Adams and James Kirkwood… the stone viaduct consists of 17 arches (16 piers) at 1,040 feet in length and 100 feet in height. It was built by hand from… Read more »

Erie Lackawanna Tunkhannock

Watercolor… “Says Phoebe Snow about to go, upon a trip to Buffalo, My gown stays white from morn till night upon the Road of Anthracite”… one of over 60 different one-line verses advertising the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western’s (DLW) flagship rail route. Phoebe Snow was the name of the DLW’s premier passenger train, inaugurated under… Read more »

Lackawanna 664A 664B 663A

Watercolor… Lackawanna Railroad F3A #664, F3B #664B & F3A #663 at Spencer Yard. North Carolina. From my pencil sketch, on site, during the blazing, hot afternoon of May 30, 2014, at the “Streamliners at Spencer” event held four days over the end of May, at the North Carolina Transportation Museum. Lackawanna #664 & the B… Read more »

RJ Corman EMD GP16: 1713

Watercolor… the RJ Corman Railroad Company (RJCN) is a subset of the RJ Corman Railroad Group, operating approximately 11 short lines spread over 10 states, as well as rail related support services, serving all 7 Class 1 railroads, in 22 states. Richard J. Corman first formed his company as a railroad construction business in 1973,… Read more »

New Orleans Public Belt: 2008

Watercolor… NOLA… The New Orleans Public Belt (NOPB) is a unique railroad, in that it is publicly owned by the City of New Orleans and operates as a terminal switching railroad, serving the Port of New Orleans… with connections to six class 1 railroads… giving it inland access to all of North America. Operations began… Read more »

Chesapeake & Ohio: 1309

Watercolor… the Baldwin Locomotive Works was founded in Philadelphia by Matthias W. Baldwin in 1832, with the fabrication of a steam engined locomotive for the Philadelphia, Germantown and Norristown Railroad. By 1923 business was good and Baldwin moved to larger facilities in Eddystone, PA. Baldwin’s 2-6-6-2 articulated Mallet type, coal fired steam locomotive was built… Read more »

William Crooks & Minnetonka

Watercolor… Illustrated on the left… the “William Crooks”, built in 1861, is the first steam locomotive to operate in Minnesota. The “William Crooks” is a 4-4-0 wood burner, built by the New Jersey Locomotive and Machine Works for the Minnesota and Pacific Railroad… which a year later, became the St. Paul and Pacific Railroad. At… Read more »

Strasburg Great Western: 90

Watercolor… the Strasburg Railroad #90 Great Western is a 2-10-0 steam locomotive built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia in 1924. It is now, one of the two last decapods still operating in the United States. The Strasburg Railroad is a short line rail museum and nationally acclaimed maintenance and repair facility, that runs… Read more »

Tehachapi Loop California

Watercolor… The Tehachapi Loop in Kerne County, California, was engineered by William Hood, a 19 year old Dartmouth College dropout and Union Army veteran… and built by the Southern Pacific Railway in 1876… as a passage over the Tehachapi Mountains. Track elevation from the desert floor to the Tehachapi summit, rises 2,734 feet over 16… Read more »

Horseshoe Curve Pennsylvania

Watercolor… The Horseshoe Curve, outside of Altoona, Pennsylvania was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad as part of a time savings route over the Allegheny Mountains and completed in 1854 . The curve, with a diameter close to 1,300 feet, is part of a 12 mile, 1.8% grade climb to the top of the northeastern side… Read more »

Durango & Silverton Colorado

Watercolor… The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is presently owned by American Heritage Railways, operating two ALCO 470 series,2-8-2 K-28 steam locomotives, numbers 473 and 478 on a 45 mile excursion line between its museums in Durango and Silverton, Colorado. A third K-28 steam engine, number 476, is on display. In addition, the D&SNG… Read more »

Ma & Pa EMD GP7: 1506

Watercolor… This GP-7 was originally built in 1953 by EMD for the Reading Railroad (RDG) as #621. The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad (MPA) (aka Ma & Pa) purchased and painted her in their black and golden yellow colors in 1976 and renumbered as #86. In 1991, she was again painted and re-numbered as #1506. Ma… Read more »

Ma & Pa Roller Mill

Watercolor… illustrated, circa 1917… a 1902 Baldwin 4-8-0 steam locomotive, Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad #23, eases its northbound train of mixed freight cars up to the Muddy Creek Forks Roller Mill’s trackside loading dock. … Muddy Creek Forks is the preserved commercial center of an agricultural region, in South Central Pennsylvania, with buildings constructed between… Read more »

Ma & Pa Muddy Creek Forks

Watercolor… the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad (MPA), also known as the Ma & Pa Railroad, ran between York, Pennsylvania and Baltimore, Maryland from 1901 to 1958. Most of that original north, south roadbed is now abandoned, though 3.6 miles of active track, bisecting the historic site of Muddy Creek Forks in Pennsylvania, are owned and… Read more »

Durand Union Station

Watercolor… the Pere Marquette (PM) 2-8-4 is a big locomotive… developing just shy of 3,000 horse power. Illustrated at the Durand Union Station, Michigan, PM #1225 is one of two surviving examples built for the Pere Marquette Railway by the Lima Locomotive Works of Lima, Ohio in 1941.Durand Station was designed by the Detroit architectural… Read more »